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    Using Surface pen with Surface 3 and Office 2016

    I like the Surface Pen that came with my Surface 3 package and the fact that I can use it both for pointing and for drawing. However, when in Office 2016 programs, it is always in draw mode. How can I switch it to point mode in an Office 2016 program? I cannot find a button on the Office ribbon...
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    Which SurfaceBook should I buy ?

    (feel free to move this topic to the General Discussion if this is not the right place) First, hello there ! I'm Raphael (yeah, can't stop using my weird pseudo because I'm definitely bound to it) and I'm fresh and new in this forum. Found a lot of interesting topics in there (I'm living in...
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    SP3 + Win 10 + Office 2016 -> Missing Ribbon\Text

    Hi All, I'm running Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10, Office 2016 365 Pro and continual having Outlook windows losing the ribbon and various icons. I have been living with it for the last few weeks but wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing the same issue. I have attached a screen shot of a...