onenote 2016

  1. Birkhoff92

    Problem with mathematics in OneNote

    Hi , when i try to install mathematics in one note ( i have win 10 on my surface 3 2/64) , appear the error: '' Net Programmability etc etc'' . I have already checked net framework in programs and features ;) How can i fix this problem ? I need mathematic for my university ( Informatic...
  2. P

    Quick Notes not appearing in OneNote App

    On my Surface Pro 4 if I create a quick note and open OneNote 2016 I see it in the "Quick Notes" section below the list of my Notebooks. However, when I open OneNote (the App) I don't see the quick note anywhere. Even if I go into options in the OneNote app and specify a default notebook I...
  3. M

    No option for Surface Pen on Surface 3

    Hey guys, first of all i'm new to this forum, so sorry if i'm posting in the false area ;). I got a problem on my Surface 3 running windows 10 with the Surface App. I want my Surface Pen to open OneNote 2016 instead of the OneNote-App, but in the Surface App, I don't have the option to...