pen customizatioin

  1. K

    Windows 11 and Snip/Whiteboard

    I've used surfaces for years for instructional and meeting settings in the engineering world. My most common use case is (was) grabbing a full screen snip into the whiteboard for analysis, calculations, lecturing, drawing, etc. It was awesome to at any moment be able to click a pen/stylus...
  2. J

    Customize Surface Pen

    I have searched for this but no luck Can the pen be switched from a writing tool to just a pointer/selection tool? I use the pen a lot (great device) but on a spreadsheet I am constantly leaving "ink" marks where I do not want them. There probably is a setting that I am missing. Can I...
  3. btreece

    Solved Pen Customization 'cuz MS won't do it

    As a new Surface buyer (Surface Pro 4 -- i5 8G 256 lot#1541), I cannot believe how long it has been for veterans of both this website & the Microsoft Community website, to share, ask & wait for a Pen Customization solution from Microsoft. :mad: Ever since the pen came about with the Surface...