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Windows 11 and Snip/Whiteboard


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I've used surfaces for years for instructional and meeting settings in the engineering world. My most common use case is (was) grabbing a full screen snip into the whiteboard for analysis, calculations, lecturing, drawing, etc. It was awesome to at any moment be able to click a pen/stylus button and immediately have a screen capture in the whiteboard.

For whatever reason (or no reason at all), Windows 11 removed the full screen snip to whiteboard option. This would be ok, as the snipping tool is basically the same thing. However, the snipping tool cannot be set to default to full screen, and is minimized after a capture. So extra steps are now required.

I've tried Greenshot instead, which is quite nice but has to key drawbacks. First it does not recognize pen/stylus buttons for hotkey commands, and cannot be command line run to automatically do a full screen capture either. Secondly, it has the annoying feature of selecting any element you've just drawn on the screen.

Is anyone aware of any other screen capture or whiteboard type tools that are a functional replacement for the Windows 10 full-screen capture to whiteboard functionality?