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    Solved Pen starts to work then stops

    I've had my Surface for almost 3 years now. Everything has been smooth sailing until recently. At first I had battery problems, but I was able to fix them with the help of the wonderful people on here. Now I've been having problems with my surface pen over the past couple of weeks. I'm a...
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    Alignment problems with pen

    I'm not sure how to fully describe my 'alignment' problem... Over the past few days, my pen (Surface Pro 3 pen) has been acting strange. For instance: If I draw down the right side of the screen, just at the border, the reflective mark on the screen under the point (the pen is not actually...
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    Pen often already starts drawing when just close to screen, not only on touching it.

    My Surface Pro 3 pen (or its driver) oftentimes gets into a mode, where it already leaves traces on the screen when I am still ~1cm (1/2") away. While this is just annoying during inking (the result looks like drawn with a long thin brush) it is devastating when it comes to handwriting...