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Pen often already starts drawing when just close to screen, not only on touching it.


My Surface Pro 3 pen (or its driver) oftentimes gets into a mode, where it already leaves traces on the screen when I am still ~1cm (1/2") away. While this is just annoying during inking (the result looks like drawn with a long thin brush) it is devastating when it comes to handwriting recognition. The result is then always complete garbage.
After a reboot that mode is gone (i.e. the pen only leaves marks or ink, when actually touching the screen), but of course this "solution" is most tedious.

Why is that so? Can one reset the pen and/or the driver somehow so that it behaves correctly?


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You don't need to reboot, just open the battery bay like you do if you are going to replace the battery of your pen and close it again. That has fixed the issue for me on the past.


Yes, it is the pen that calculates whether it is touching the screen and then sends that info to the Surface. Resetting the pen battery will usually fix it.