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    phantom touch issue on touch screen

    do you guys have the same problem and resolved it? I tried microsoft support but the hotfix is no longer available. My surface pro 3 is already updated to the latest firmware and windows 10 but to no avail. As a solution, I disabled the touch screen for the meantime while looking for a better...
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    Touchscreen Issues

    Hi, I have a new SP4 and have continual issues with the touchscreen: a dead spot and intermittent phantom touches. The 1 1/2" dead spot runs up and down the screen about two inches from the right and the phantom touches happen there too. I'm running all the latest drivers...
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    SP2 blinking orange light - I need an answer for any ***** things

    Well, I have just experienced the secret blinking orange LED light inside the right vent of my SP2. I've been playing Attila Total War for a while, then checking my facebook for some minutes. Then I put the device to sleep. Then: 1. The screen would not turn on; 2. Type cover's light turns on...