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I have a new SP4 and have continual issues with the touchscreen: a dead spot and intermittent phantom touches. The 1 1/2" dead spot runs up and down the screen about two inches from the right and the phantom touches happen there too.
I'm running all the latest drivers, disabled/uninstalled/reinstalled drivers, run the Surface Diagnostics, I've recalibrated the screen multiple times and I've downloaded and run the phantom touch hotfix (KB3165497) multiple times - sometimes rerunning it up to 10 times a day. Running the CalibG4 hotfix sometimes fixes it (sometimes after a reboot) but the deadspot and phantom touch issue reoccurs - I just can't get it to permanently go.
The phantom touch issue seems to be kicked off most often by the keyboard/cover's magnetic strip touching the bottom of the screen (i.e. when I close the cover).
As I said, the CalibG4 hotfix seems to eventually get the screen working again for a bit, but never permanently and I have to rerun it multiple times a day. Also, the output from the CalibG4 hotfix which is put into a client.txt file in the same directory is this:
0)Error:HidP_GetValueCaps() failed. Error = 0
0)Error:HidP_GetValueCaps() failed. Error = 0
0)Error:HidP_GetValueCaps() failed. Error = 0
0)Error:Exiting HIDDispatcher::Dispatcher
0)Error:Host not found in host list
... which seems to indicate that the calibration failed(?) in spite of the on-screen output from the CalibG4 program displaying "PASS" at the end of execution.
Does anyone have any ideas? Rapidly falling out of love with my SP4...


I had this issue on 3 tablets after calibrating them but was the lower 1 inch of the display.

Fix was to go back int Control Panel, Tablet PC settings, and select reset. Do not calibrate after the reset.