photo editing

  1. mikecox

    Anyone running Premiere Elements?

    I purchased this computer because I believed it would be able to handle Photoshop, Lightroom, and PrE. I does ok with Ps and Lr but it chokes up on PrE! I'm still convinced that this computer is up to the task and maybe the problem is with my Preference settings. I'd like to get input from...
  2. A

    Pro 4/4/128 or 3/8/256?

    Good morning, I need some advice please. My wife and I are going to California for three weeks. I'm a very keen photographer. Just thinking about what I'll do with the gazillion images I will no doubt shoot there, I am convinced I need to buy a laptop to do some initial selection and...
  3. C

    Photoshop & pen issue

    Hi y'all! I just signed up and need some help. Any information you have I appreciate. I am considering getting a Surface to do photo editing using photoshop. Currently I use an iPad Pro but the only version of PS I can use on there is an abbreviated APP version that does not do everything the...