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Photoshop & pen issue


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Hi y'all! I just signed up and need some help. Any information you have I appreciate.
I am considering getting a Surface to do photo editing using photoshop. Currently I use an iPad Pro but the only version of PS I can use on there is an abbreviated APP version that does not do everything the full program does on my computer. Due to back problems, I cannot spend long periods of time at my computer so I am looking for an option that I can use while sitting on my couch. Hence the research into any of the Surface devices. I need it to run the full PS program and be able to use the Surface Pen with PS to do more precise editing of images/photos. Does any one know if the Surface Pen work with PS on any of the Surface machines? My desktop is a Dell with a touch screen monitor. For some reason I don't understand, I can not use a stylus with my monitor in PS. So I am leery to go buy a new device and running into the same issue. Whatever info you can provide is greatly appreciated!