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    Power On does not start Surface 7 after battery drain

    Surface 7 Pro Windows 11 Pro While on the Microsoft Docking Station, the Surface connector plug was dislodged, and the Surface ran out of power. When I noticed, I plugged in the power adapter and pressed the power button, the screen showed battery low, so I stopped and waited for the Surface...
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    Powering on SP7

    My sp7 does not turn on when pressing power button. I have tried all the recommended troubleshooting steps provided by Microsoft. I have tried a couple I've seen on YouTube. Including Pressing power for 30 sec, releasing and quickly press power and volume up for 15 seconds. I've also pressed...
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    Power button jammed/top bent out of place

    My surface laptop got knocked off of a table and now this top part is bent out of shape. It still functions and the screen display is fine, but the power button is a bit stiff and doesn't always work properly. Is there a way I could push the bent piece back into place without damaging it...