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Power button jammed/top bent out of place


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My surface laptop got knocked off of a table and now this top part is bent out of shape. It still functions and the screen display is fine, but the power button is a bit stiff and doesn't always work properly. Is there a way I could push the bent piece back into place without damaging it further? I don't want to go to a repair place, because I know they'd just try to replace it and it's still functional other than the stiff button.


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Sorry this happened. You are fortunate that the display is okay.

Because of the layers of materials around the frame, it is likely that you could damage your machine more, including crack the screen, if you attempt a repair by bending, especially since a correction requires over-bending the opposite way.

The button is likely to become easier to press in time, as it wears and rubs its new configuration.