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    New Power Cover Won't charge

    Ok so I bought a new Power Cover for my Surface Pro 2 from eBay. I was using it for about 2-3 weeks while plugged in and everything was working great. Until I unplugged it to use it while on the road. Since I'd just unplugged it, both batteries should have read at 100% but when I turned it on...
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    Power cover fully charged, unhooked, rehooked and then reports 0%

    Hello, If I fully charge a power cover to 100% then unhook it, then rehook it, it reports 0%. This persists through reboots. Is this standard behavior or do I have a bad power cover? I'm running Windows 10 on a Surface Pro 1st Gen. Thanks! Matt
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    Surface Pro1 battery problem

    Hi guys, I bought a MS SPro1 recently, with a power cover, but to be honest the battery life of the power cover is far from my expectations, it last less than 2 hours with 25% light and power saver mode (win 10). The CPU is no on high usage, I usually pin it to the front and sometimes it hits...
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    Power cover stops working when SP3 standby and plugged

    Recently I discovered a problem with my power cover. My system is Sp3 with 256G and win10 pro fresh installed. I have also purchased a power cover to extend its battery time. Now the power cover will lose its connection to the system whenever the system is plugged in and standby for a while...