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    Need Some Help with SP4 Power Supply

    Hi All, I just got my SP4 today through Lazada Malaysia, turn on my SP4 for 5 minutes and then i hear something blow. SP4 power off completely after i hear the blow sound. Tried to turn on my SP4 again, it turn on for a brief moment and then it showed a big low battery icon before it turn off...
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    Power Bank for SP3?

    Hey guys. I am sorry if I my post is going to overlap with an older one, but I could not find a specific one through the threads. I have the SP3 for some time now and I do use it on the go. So far, the battery itself has been enough for me, but I have been looking into buying a power bank of...
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    SP3 power source

    Hi, I am new here and new to SP3 so please bear with me. Does anyone think that if your using your SP3 there is any problem leaving it plugged in while your using it. I've used my laptop like this for years without ever a problem but I'm brand new to the surface world and thought I'd ask...