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Need Some Help with SP4 Power Supply


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Hi All,

I just got my SP4 today through Lazada Malaysia, turn on my SP4 for 5 minutes and then i hear something blow. SP4 power off completely after i hear the blow sound. Tried to turn on my SP4 again, it turn on for a brief moment and then it showed a big low battery icon before it turn off again. I figured this could be the power supply issue. Called Lazada and they ask me to ship back the device for replacement. First time buy Microsoft product and i got this.... =(

Anyway, i got some questions hopefully someone can help me.
1. Any users from Malaysia bought the SP4 through Lazada and encounter similar issue?
2. The power supply out of box should be able to support UK standards power right? In Malaysia, the incoming power rating is 240V 13A, however when i checked the SP4 power supply, it stated 250V 5A and it is equipped with 5A fuse (Fuse rating visible without taking apart the power plug) Isn't that too low? I hope someone from Malaysia can share with me what is their SP4 power supply rating so that i can compare and see if they ship me wrong power supply.
3. Is there a Microsoft service center in northern region of west Malaysia?
4. Is there a alternative way to charge the SP4? Is there a USB to SP4 power converter that allow us to charge the device through normal phone charger?

By the way, my SP4 spec is i5 256GB Storage 8GB RAM. Hopefully some one can help me with my questions.