power supply

  1. B

    SP4 charger question

    Good day all, I have a power supply question that I hope the learned members of this forum can help me with! The charger for my m3-6Y30 SP4 packed up recently. My question relates to the fact that the specs of the replacement charger I ordered don't quite match the original charger, so I'm a...
  2. A

    original Surface Book power adapter for Surface Book 2?

    Hi, All -- I've got an original Surface Book adapter (model 1625; 36 W). Does anyone know if it's cool to use this with my Surface Book 2 15"? That one comes up with a much more powerful -- and much bigger! -- adapter (model 1798; 102 W). I'm sure that the larger model will charge the Surface...
  3. surfdock

    Spec list for Surface Book, Pro 3, Pro 4 and docking station power supplies

    Surface power supplies are confusing. Which supply to use with which device? Which should you buy as a spare? I list it all out to hopefully help the community: https://dancharblog.wordpress.com/2016/12/10/surface-book-pro-3-pro-4-and-docking-station-power-supplies/ 102 watt 90 watt 65 watt 48...
  4. D

    Need Some Help with SP4 Power Supply

    Hi All, I just got my SP4 today through Lazada Malaysia, turn on my SP4 for 5 minutes and then i hear something blow. SP4 power off completely after i hear the blow sound. Tried to turn on my SP4 again, it turn on for a brief moment and then it showed a big low battery icon before it turn off...
  5. J

    Docking Station AC Cord Question

    Hi, I have a Surface Pro (yes I know this is the SP3 forum, hear me out). I am thinking about buying a new dock off of Ebay, someone's selling it because it shipped without a power cord. I'd like to buy a power cord for it, but the only ones that are being sold on Ebay are SP3 Docking Station...
  6. A

    did Microsoft give me the wrong power supply? Does it matter?

    Hi, I've read that the Surface Book is supposed to come with a 65-watt power supply (model 1706), but my Surface Book (the lowest end, non-GPU model) came with what model 1625, which seems to be a 36-watt Surface Pro 3 power supply. Did anyone else get this older power supply with their Surface...