1. P

    PowerPoint problems with graphics card

    Hello, I have a problem with my PowerPoint install, everytime I start a presentation I got the message: Powerpoint has detected that your video card may not be properly configured to provide an optimal presentation of the slide Show. Is this normal on a Surface Laptop? I use the i5 with 8gigs of...
  2. J

    Solved PowerPoint presentation formatting incorrect

    Hi, Please can I have some support regarding a PowerPoint issue we are having with our Surface 4 devices. As you can see from the attached 'other machines display', the presentation loads and has the correct formatting, this is consistent on all devices apart from the Surface 4's. I have also...
  3. btreece

    Solved Pen Customization 'cuz MS won't do it

    As a new Surface buyer (Surface Pro 4 -- i5 8G 256 lot#1541), I cannot believe how long it has been for veterans of both this website & the Microsoft Community website, to share, ask & wait for a Pen Customization solution from Microsoft. :mad: Ever since the pen came about with the Surface...
  4. E

    Videos won't play in PPT in tablet mode (but will in docking station)

    Hello, I will be giving a powerpoint presentation soon and have realized that, when in tablet mode (not in docking station), powerpoint will not play videos embedded in slides. However, they play just fine when the Surface Pro 3 is in its docking station and hooked up to an external monitor. No...