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    Dock Problems with Multiple Displays

    Hi, I'm using the new dock with a surface pro 4 and two displays. First time I plugged them all in it was great. All working well, I could extend the display from the surface pro across my two monitors with no problem. Then, after a shutdown it stopped working. Three displays are...
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    Solved Dock not seen @ startup

    I just bought a pro-4 today along with the dock station. I've noticed each time at startup that the dock is not being recognized and what I mean is the usb devices plugged into the dock. I have to unplug the main connection to computer and plug back in. Is there a setting I need to adjust? I...
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    Solved Sound issue

    Can anyone offer advice on solving my distorted sound issue? I am using Surface Pro 4, i5 4MB RAM, Windows 10 Pro Version 1511. When I play sound in my browser, 90% of the time it will be slow and distorted. It happens - in Chrome ( version 50.0.2661.102) and Edge. - with Google Play...
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    SP4i7 or cheap laptop & iPad air 3* ?

    Hello from me. I cant decide which of the two i'll buy! An Ms Surface pro 4 (i7 256GB 8GB ram) cost almost 1650 euros with the type cover with a 10% discount or a mid range cheap laptop at about 500euros with i5 proccesor with an ipad air 3 when is released on march ... I'cant decide guys...