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  1. mikecox

    Repair or replace options

    The Tablet Battery on my SB is dead, and it will not charge. The MS store told me that replacement was the only option and that they could do it for $550.00! Is there a cheaper route to getting a replacement?
  2. S

    repair center for surface?

    goodevening guys! im new in this forum, I have the original surface rt, surface 2 and finally now, my surface 3. I was enjoying the windows 10 experience a lot. but my surface 3's lower screen broke and of all horrors, the touch screen does not work anymore. do we have any repair center that...
  3. D

    amber alert surface lost

    Hi all you! I need help, on march the 2nd I sent my surface2 for an exchange since it was/is on warranty and after following up with the instructions On the website it generated the label etc. Was shipped to the repair center and arrive on march 3rd according to the ups tracking. After that I...