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repair center for surface?


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goodevening guys! im new in this forum, I have the original surface rt, surface 2 and finally now, my surface 3. I was enjoying the windows 10 experience a lot. but my surface 3's lower screen broke and of all horrors, the touch screen does not work anymore. do we have any repair center that specializes replacement of touch screen digitizer of our surface? badly needing help. since I updated to the anniversary update, I cant help but pity myself not to be able to experience the "windows ink". thank you guys and have a great day!!


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thanks. but i'm in manila (Philippines) and nearest repair center is in mexico or india? I am hoping for a credible repair center in the Philippines. thanks.
Hey.. just wondering if you found anything cause I don't want to give up my SP2 just yet unless it's for a Surface Book/Studio. Thanks a bunch.