1. Nicola Wilson

    Surface pro 6 won't load after restart but will after shut down

    My pro will never load after a restart. I can get it to load using soft and hard resets but sometimes these do not work and I have to leave my device for an hour or so till it responds again. If I shut down, rather than restart, then switch it on works no problem. My battery is on full and...
  2. mikecox

    Repeated Needs to reboot to finish upgrade

    I just discovered that my SB will not start when it's not plugged in apparently because the tablet battery is dead. I've only been able to remove the tablet once, but the battery will not charge so I can no longer remove it. When the computer was unplugged and I tried to restart it I got a...
  3. N

    Why Surface 4 Pro Restart Suddenly

    Suddenly without taking my permission my surface pro shows a screen saying "Restarting" and then the windows 10 restarts and close all the running apps and documents without saving ! is that a system crash or what's going on ?? how can the windows restart based on it self ..
  4. K

    That problem that microsoft just won't fix

    This is a new thread to a long standing issue that has been addressed in other threads but i have never fond an answer to. No matter how i set up my SP4 it will just not reliably wake from hibernation. i disabled the keyboard actions, set the power button to hibernate and/or to end hibernation...
  5. F

    Restarted on Diagnostic Mode with Windows Hello, now I cannot log in

    Pretty much what the title says....I am trying to troubleshoot a mis-installed program and was advised to reboot in diagnostic mode. Problem is, I have the windows hello on, and since it restarted in diagnostic mode with the cameras off, it cannot "see" my face. But it also doesn't go to PIN...