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Repeated Needs to reboot to finish upgrade


I just discovered that my SB will not start when it's not plugged in apparently because the tablet battery is dead.

I've only been able to remove the tablet once, but the battery will not charge so I can no longer remove it. When the computer was unplugged and I tried to restart it I got a low batt icon, then nothing. So I plugged it back it and it booted up. The computer batt shows 100%, tablet batt 0% and "not charging".

But the most frustrating issue is how updates install. After one has been installed I get a series of messages when I boot the computer. First, the Surface logo appears with "waiting for update to complete" or something to that effect, it disappears almost as soon as it appears. That is f/b a yellow underlined Surface logo with the same message, that is f/b another Surface logo and then a boot up. That is f/b "restart required... to finfish startup devices." I'm on my 3rd restart and it still comes up after the computer boots up.

This is about "Devices" but what devices? Docking station, Speakers system, ext drives, phone, tablets? That's what I think of when I see "Devices".
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