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screen dead zone wired touch problem

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    spro4 dead strip across screen

    i've seen a lot of similar queries about this issue but no actual fix, and i thought i'd seek my own answers about it. i've had my surface pro 4 for a little less than 2 years now and suddenly a dead strip has appeared horizontally across the screen. the mouse works fine in it but it doesn't...
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    Solved Pen does not write in an horizontal line

    Hi! My Surface Pro4 is having problem - there is a horizontal line where the pen loses its accuracy (the problematic line is located at the same height as the USB input). You can see the problematic line at the screen shot below. I use OneNote and DrawBoardPDF, and the problem is happening...
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    Weird 'dead zone' issue?

    Howdy... I'm having a strange problem with my SP3 i5. Basically, there's a small 2 inch by 3 inch zone near the top left of my screen that sometimes becomes a 'dead zone'. I can't scroll there, or click there, or do any normal touch activities... If I begin scrolling from below it, everything...