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i've seen a lot of similar queries about this issue but no actual fix, and i thought i'd seek my own answers about it.
i've had my surface pro 4 for a little less than 2 years now and suddenly a dead strip has appeared horizontally across the screen. the mouse works fine in it but it doesn't register any input from pen or touch and i'm curious if it's actually a hardware issue or something to do with drivers or software? i updated all my drivers one time and suddenly it was fixed for a whole of 5 minutes before the strip went dead all over again, and now nothing seems to fix it but i haven't wiped my device yet like i've seen with others because nobody actually confirmed that it works.

here is a demonstration of the dead strip, i used paint tool sai for this one

i looked into it and servicing my device would cost just as much as buying a whole new one, so i'm not really a fan of that solution.

if anyone has some idea other than servicing it, i'd love to hear, and thank you.


Just to confirm I get a similar thing with my SPro 3 - there is a vertical strip, about a half and inch wide a few inches in from the left edge, that exhibits the exact same issues you seem to be having. But like you, it's not consistently broken. Cleaning the screen seems to help, but there is apparently no rhyme nor reason to it. I actually did you a complete reset a while back, but that didn't change anything - I suspect it's a hardware issue with the digitiser layer on the screen.