sd card

  1. P

    SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD performance

    Any one have the SD card? want to know how it performs. It is only around $64 now. There also the new Samsung 256 evo select but those go for 199. Really looking for this to just be extra storage for photos and videos. do not want to have to drag around an external drive. I have the 256 Surface...
  2. W

    SD Card Reader to Micro SD Port Adaptor

    G'day all. Whilst on my travels, I need an adaptor for the Surface Pro 4 to read my camera standard sd card through the micro sd port. I do not want to use a USB adaptor, as my prefered Lightroom workflow allows auto backup to a portable USB hard drive, which is plugged into the only USB port...
  3. R

    SD card woes... and I've tried all the fixes I can find!

    Really hope someone can suggest something new? I have a Surface Pro 3 i5 running Win10 - all up to date. I recently purchased a Lexar microSDxc 128GB card (a very fast one 633x) from Popping it into the machine it appeared as I'd have expected and then a minute or two later just...
  4. majorgearhead

    Solved SD Card causing 100% disk spikes and system freezes

    First of all I have a SP3 that came from the factory with Windows 10 pre-installed. I have it updated to the latest patch level. When I put any SD card in the slot formatted with any filesystem (tested all 3) I notice system freezes at random times. I opened task manager and clicked the...