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SD Card Reader to Micro SD Port Adaptor

Water Rat

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G'day all. Whilst on my travels, I need an adaptor for the Surface Pro 4 to read my camera standard sd card through the micro sd port. I do not want to use a USB adaptor, as my prefered Lightroom workflow allows auto backup to a portable USB hard drive, which is plugged into the only USB port available. The MS multi-port assessories are too large and heavy for travel purposes. Can anyone recommend a simple adaptor suported by the Pro 4?


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If you can find one that meets your needs it will be compatible. That's not the problem. I can't see an adapter that meets your needs. You may want to consider a USB hub. Unfortunately that would also be bulky.


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You could .... buy a good quality micro sd of the size you need. These usually come with an adapter that allows the micro sd to fit into a standard sd card slot. Put this combo into your camera and extract the micro when needed to go into the SP4.
I do this with a 128gb in one of my cameras (which takes an sd only)..... works perfectly including video.
Caution .... don't go cheap

Water Rat

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Thanks for your comments. Ebay sellers are offering micro sd to sd card extention cables. I attach a picture. Does anyone have experience of these adaptors. I don't want to damage the surface pro4.