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    SP4 wakes up for nothing and keep running

    Hi. Iam a dissatisfied customer who likes the specs of the SP 4 but cant stand the fact that it almost 50% of the times wakes up on its own without pressing, moveing or touching anything. After waking up it often keep looking for my face to log in also turns on its fan and just keep looking and...
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    Surface Book will not charge, is there a Singapore service centre?

    So I received a hand-me-down Surface Book 1, but it has the following condition: the battery of both the keyboard and the tablet will not charge. It says for both batteries: 0% and not charging. I have tried absolutely everything I found online, including deleting drivers, removing keyboard from...
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    amber alert surface lost

    Hi all you! I need help, on march the 2nd I sent my surface2 for an exchange since it was/is on warranty and after following up with the instructions On the website it generated the label etc. Was shipped to the repair center and arrive on march 3rd according to the ups tracking. After that I...