1. digiraiter

    Touch won't work if you use Pen

    Hello I think I'm facing a Problem when I installed Photoshop, I noticed that Touch Gestures won't work if I use Pen After using pen, I must wait 5~10 Sec for Touch to get Active again First I thought it's a Problem in Photoshop Settings then I noticed that it's like that in entire windows for...
  2. U

    Setting Changes Not Working Properly

    So wondering if anyone is having this issue or if I am missing something and can get some assistance! So I have noticed a couple things in settings that I have changed that are not working properly. First I went into settings - sign in options - require sign in to never. This I thought would...
  3. majorgearhead

    Solved Favor to ask of someone who just got a SP3 with Windows 10 preinstalled

    I am looking for someone who has recently purchased an SP3 that came with Windows 10 from the factory to go into Settings->System->Power & sleep and tell me if you see both a Screen and a Sleep section or just one or the other. Trying to determine if they optimized the image to remove the...