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Setting Changes Not Working Properly


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So wondering if anyone is having this issue or if I am missing something and can get some assistance! So I have noticed a couple things in settings that I have changed that are not working properly. First I went into settings - sign in options - require sign in to never. This I thought would disable me from needing my password to log in. It does sometimes. I randomly have to enter my password in now to get in. Sometimes I can come to my computer after not using it for a day and not need a password and next time I can go back on in 20 minutes later and need one. Second issue is I tried to change the time on how long it took my computer to go into sleep mode and now it doesn't at all. I will leave it not plugged into anything at night and in the morning it is dead.

Any suggestions or ideas what I may be doing wrong?


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Moving to ... "Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3" forum.

This has been an issue for people on W10, IDK if there's a fix.