sleep mode

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    Sleep not working Fall creators update

    hello everyone, Is it just me or other users are having the same issue of their surface book not going into sleep mode? with the newest fall creators update, it no longer will go into sleep mode. When I hit sleep mode the display will turn off but if I hit a key or move the mouse it is still...
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    Putting Surface into Sleep mode programmatically (Windows 10)

    An old problem, maybe (?) resolved for older Windows version, but not for Windows 10! The solutions proposed in old discussions (... SetSuspendState with parameters 0,1,0 (or Sleep), with or without prior hibernate off ...) dont work on Windows 10 systems. At least not on all: On my Surface 3...
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    Surface Book shuts down while on sleep mode

    Hello. I have a surface book 15/8 GB/DGP Nvidia/256 SSD I had problems with it shutting down and/or battery drain during sleep mode. A month ago I requested a warranty exchange and I got a new one sent to me. Just to find exactly the same problems. The SB shuts down while on sleep mode and also...