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Surface Book shuts down while on sleep mode


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Hello. I have a surface book 15/8 GB/DGP Nvidia/256 SSD I had problems with it shutting down and/or battery drain during sleep mode. A month ago I requested a warranty exchange and I got a new one sent to me. Just to find exactly the same problems. The SB shuts down while on sleep mode and also drains the battery on a same day sleep cycle. I do not know what to do. Is there anything I can do. I really like it and I do not want to do th ereturn process again, unless it is absolutely necessary. Every time I put I to sleep to take a break from work, it completely shuts down. and some other times it wakes up from sleep, but with the battery drained. can you help me with the issue? thank you. I have tried plenty of times installing the OS from scratch and I always get to the same point.


Best thing you can do is enable hibernation, and/or leave the unit plugged in as much as possible. Or shut down the machine at the end of the day. Also, make sure you have all the updates.

It seems that sleep functionality is completely borked on this machine. It is almost a year old and MS still hasn't gotten it fixed. Now, it is better than when it was first released, but still not what I consider fully operative.