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sp4 type cover

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    Right Click on Type Cover Touchpad not Working

    Hi all, this is going to sound really odd but any help would be much appreciated. A user at my place of work uses a trackball mouse with her SP4, as well as the touchpad on her type cover at times. We used 'X Mouse Button Control' to configure the trackball mouse and at first, this worked...
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    Solved I've Lost My On-Screen Keyboard

    I just un-docked my SP4 to use it as a tablet device and couldn't find the on screen keyboard. It usually pops up automatically when I want to type something, and if it doesn't, there's always been a keyboard icon on the right-hand side of the taskbar that would bring it up. Any ideas where it's...
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    7 sec delay once the type cover is flipped back

    My Sp 4, i5 4g ram Very quick and responsive, but the problem appears once the type cover is flipped back, takes more than 7 sec to turn on in the sleep mode. So far it can only be fixed by, 1.) detach the type cover; 2.) don't flip the type cover Anyone has the same problem and any solution...