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  1. A

    Dell U3415Wb to Surface Pro 7

    My SP7 does not recognize my Dell U3415W monitor. From the surface dock 2 USB-2 ---> Dell monitor DP in. Of course, the monitor works, but cannot utilize the Dell Display software. Any help would be great! Thanks in advance!
  2. B

    Surface Pen pen tip unresponsive

    Hi. My pen (with Surface pro 7) is functional with the eraser button, but completely unresponsive with the pen tip. I can't write or scroll with the pen tip, but I can erase, open programs, and scroll using my finger. I have restarted, updated, and disconnected/reconnected everything. I have...
  3. cricket1001

    3rd Party Accessories for SP7

    Keyboard Case I am searching for a keyboard case that protects my new SP7 but is light weight. Hopefully with an attachment for SP pen. I’ve seen some online that are either too heavy, the attachment for SP pen is too small making it very difficult to put pen in and out. I would like the...
  4. F

    SP3 Dock with SP 7?

    I have an older Surface Pro 3 Dock. Has anyone tried this dock, using a spacer, and the Surface Pro 7? Will it work with the SP7? Based on some prior posts, it does sound like the SP3 Dock did work with the Surface Pro 6, but I haven't yet found any comments about compatibility with the...