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3rd Party Accessories for SP7


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Keyboard Case
I am searching for a keyboard case that protects my new SP7 but is light weight. Hopefully with an attachment for SP pen. I’ve seen some online that are either too heavy, the attachment for SP pen is too small making it very difficult to put pen in and out. I would like the keyboard to be bluetooth and Wi/Fi so I can hook up my SP7 to TV and keep keyboard with me on the couch. (I might just use another bluetooth/wi/fi keyboard I have.)

SP Pen
I have an old SP3 pen and was wondering if I should get a newer one. Are there 3rd party pens that are better than Microsoft’s?

I have the old docking station for my SP3. I am looking for a better one for my SP7. Are there any 3rd party ones that are better than Microsoft’s newer model? Also, are the dongles worth getting. I would like to be able to hook up my SP7 to my TV and use my TV as my monitor. I think I’d like to be able to hook up 2 monitors to my SP7 some day.

Any other accessories that y’all use and love.


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Maybe the Kensington is something for you, not cheap but quality pays, just as your SP