1. VnQ

    Surface Pro Riser?

    Looking for a desktop riser to lift my surface pro screen up to eye height so I can use a wireless kbd & mouse on desk to give better working posture...ideas anyone?
  2. A

    Sitting Surface 3 with keyboard on my lap!

    Hi, Does anyone have any ideas, or know of any products, so that when I am just sitting in a chair I can still use my surface with keyboard as I would a laptop? The existing set up of keyboard that isn't rigidly attached to the main unit and the stand on the back makes anything else but desk...
  3. sharpuser

    A month with the Surface Book

    It has been a month since the Surface Book became available. My i7/16/512 + 512SD has been used intensely at home, at work, and on three trips. The SB3 serves as my production machine for geophysics research, and entertainment device for music, live TV, streaming video, and for games with the...