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  1. Fdzikrii

    SPro 3 Icons on Start cant be rearranged or deleted

    Please Help. I'm using windows 10 on SPro 3. Icons on Start was just normal before. I can remove, pin new app, or rearrange it anytime I want. But suddenly some icons gone, and I cant move and pin any other app, the rest icons stuck on the place and cant be moved. If I touch the icon, it only...
  2. L

    Windows 10 start button and task bar not working

    Hello :) Specifications: Windows 10, Surface Pro 3 (Swiss version), 256 Gb. Uses avira, drawboard PDF, redshift, office, matlab. Definition: "not working": no reaction to be seen on screen. Nor in the program behaviour. Problem: the Windows keyboard button is not working. The windows icon button...