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SPro 3 Icons on Start cant be rearranged or deleted


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Please Help. I'm using windows 10 on SPro 3.
Icons on Start was just normal before. I can remove, pin new app, or rearrange it anytime I want.
But suddenly some icons gone, and I cant move and pin any other app, the rest icons stuck on the place and cant be moved.

If I touch the icon, it only shows menu button, but no delete button.

If anybody know how to solve this, please help. Thanks in advance.


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I'm not sure how to fix your problem but I know what I would do to start troubleshooting it. I would sign on with a different account. If I didn't have one, I would create another account. I would than see if the if the same problem exists with a different account. I do notice more that you have more tiles on your start menu than usual. Not sure if there is any limit to the amount of tiles. I doubt it but just a thought.