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    Microsoft Store error 0x80248014

    Hi I am unable to install any apps from the Windows Store. When I try, I get the error shown here: 0x80248014. It happens whether I'm logged on as a local account or an AD account - both of which have full admin rights. The proxy server is set correctly and the error also happens on my home...
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    Items on Start Menu disappear

    When I logged into my sp3, my start menu vanished, section headers and all. I also noticed that the shortcut for my Kindle reader and the MS Store were missing from the All Apps list. I was able to uninstall and reinstall the Kindle, but I'm stumped for the Store app. I'm on build 10586 of W10.
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    Unable to install Surface App after clean install

    I just reinstalled my Surface Pro 4 and can't find or install the Surface App for the pen. I got the i7 512 gb ssd and wanted to partition it, so therefore did a clean install of Windows 10. According to Microsoft I should just have to search for the app in the store, but it can't be found. I...
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    Store is not installed

    Guys, I have just received my SP3 with Windows 10. I tried searching for the Store with no luck. I saw a few threads suggesting to reinstall but there is nothing to reinstall, looks like it was never installed to begin with. Any help on how to install the app store, please?