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Unable to install Surface App after clean install


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I just reinstalled my Surface Pro 4 and can't find or install the Surface App for the pen.

I got the i7 512 gb ssd and wanted to partition it, so therefore did a clean install of Windows 10. According to Microsoft I should just have to search for the app in the store, but it can't be found. I was able to get a link to the Surface hub app but when opening it I just get "surface is currently not available" (New Official "SURFACE HUB" App in the Windows Store! | Microsoft Surface Forums).

Anyone having any idea what that could be? :)


Staff member
It is currently released only in the US Store IIRC. You can change your region to the US and see if it will install.


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I tried to use apps from United States but still couldn't download it. Could I somehow force install it?

Not sure why Microsoft would have restrictions on this app. It should be available for anyone. Microsoft must understand there is something outside of America in time!