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    original Surface Book power adapter for Surface Book 2?

    Hi, All -- I've got an original Surface Book adapter (model 1625; 36 W). Does anyone know if it's cool to use this with my Surface Book 2 15"? That one comes up with a much more powerful -- and much bigger! -- adapter (model 1798; 102 W). I'm sure that the larger model will charge the Surface...
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    Surface Book 2 issues with integrated graphics

    Basically, it goes something like this: the surface book 2 has two graphics processors to choose from. One is the gtx 1060 and the other is intel integrated 620. The problems occur when the laptop chooses the intel integrated 620 for things like web browsing and streaming media. The first...
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    Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 is Out Now

    Windows Central reports that Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 is now available to buy from Microsoft and Best Buy, along with many other retailers worldwide. You can pick one up for a starting price of $1,499 and a high-end price of $3,299. The new Surface Book shows just how far the Microsoft...

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