surface pen 2017

  1. snaapdragon

    right click button & pen tip not working on new surface pen

    I got a new 2017 surface pro and pen in January of this year. The pen worked great until February, when the right click button and pen tip stopped working. It also doesn't register when hovering or pressing down. The top button/eraser works, it is connected to bluetooth, and I'm pretty sure the...
  2. F

    Surface Pen 2017 issue after update

    Hi all! I have a 2015 Surface Book base model, 128gb SSD w/ integrated graphics. Updated Windows 10 on Oct 31 2017 to what I assume is the latest update, 16299.19. Since this update, I'm having a strange issue with my Surface Pen 2017 model. When I use PaintTool SAI ver. 2 build 8.20, the...
  3. BubbleSoap

    Does the surface pro 2017 pen have issues with randomly losing pen tip detection?

    Hi there, my SP3 pen frequently loses pen input capability, it's a common problem on the SP3 and the SP4, requiring me to unscrew/ rescrew the AAAA battery compartment and put the same battery back in to fix it. It happens randomly, sometimes in the middle of writing. I'm aware there is a HW...