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Hi there,

my SP3 pen frequently loses pen input capability,
it's a common problem on the SP3 and the SP4,
requiring me to unscrew/ rescrew the AAAA battery compartment and put the same battery back in to fix it.
It happens randomly, sometimes in the middle of writing.

I'm aware there is a HW fix as stated here on the forum by @ashcanpete
Pen intermittently not working?

Before getting a new SP2017,
I'm just curious to know if anybody have had similar issues with the new surface pro 2017 pen?
Anybody here with a SP3 tested a SP2017 pen for this issue?
If you have,
please take 10 sec to register and answer.

Thanks in advance,
have a nice day


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I've had mine for a month and use the pen daily. I've not had any problems like you described. This is the nSP with nSP Pen.


I have only had mine for a couple of weeks, but no issues so far with the new pen ever loosing input capability.


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it was a nightmere with the SP3,
got my SP2017 just yesterday, still wating for the pen...

more feedbacks?