surface pen not working

  1. B

    Surface Pen pen tip unresponsive

    Hi. My pen (with Surface pro 7) is functional with the eraser button, but completely unresponsive with the pen tip. I can't write or scroll with the pen tip, but I can erase, open programs, and scroll using my finger. I have restarted, updated, and disconnected/reconnected everything. I have...
  2. A

    Surface Pro 4 Pen not working

    So, as I’ve up on how to fix this problem. I’ve already replaced the battery with a new one. I’ve updated the drivers on my surface 3. It’s updated to the latest Windows 10 update so I don’t know what’s going on. It will work fine for an hour or so and then just go on and off between working and...
  3. S

    Surface pen isn't working with Chrome

    This started a couple months ago if I remember correctly. All of a sudden, my Surface pen stopped playing nicely with Chrome. I can navigate between tabs and scroll, but if I try to hit a link with my pen, nothing happens. I can navigate just fine with my trackpad, but there are some things I...
  4. BubbleSoap

    Does the surface pro 2017 pen have issues with randomly losing pen tip detection?

    Hi there, my SP3 pen frequently loses pen input capability, it's a common problem on the SP3 and the SP4, requiring me to unscrew/ rescrew the AAAA battery compartment and put the same battery back in to fix it. It happens randomly, sometimes in the middle of writing. I'm aware there is a HW...
  5. puppyinabox

    weird problems!

    hey, my pen is paired but it won't write. i put a brand new battery in (AAAA) and still nothing. also, the purple button on the top still works but the side buttons don't.