surface pro (2017)

  1. M

    Running Windows 11 on Surface Pro 5 2017

    The Surface Pro 5 (2017) is currently not supported for Win11 It is disappointing that a relatively new machine coming from MS cannot run Win11 There is a semi-official Regedit hack that can allow the check to be bypassed and win 11 to be installed...
  2. P

    Non responsive F5 (Volume Down) key on black Type Cover

    Worked on and off recently. Cleaned it with an alcohol swab and it worked for awhile. Now not working at all. Likely problem? Are they easy to remove and replace? Attached to my Black Surface Pro 6.
  3. A

    Apps Moving to My Main Display When I Lock My Surface Pro 2017

    I have docked my SP to two BenQ monitors and I have set them up so that all three screens are extended (each screen is independent). Recently, however, when I lock my screens, all my open applications have moved to my main display (My Surface Pro) when I come back. It never used to do this, any...
  4. E

    surface pro pen right / left button not working

    my 100 euro surface pro pen with buttons near the pen tip does not work. I can point and right wit it but the buttons are not working on my surface pro 2017 - have deleted device from blue tooth and repaired - have latest firmware installed What should I do? Any help available?
  5. snaapdragon

    right click button & pen tip not working on new surface pen

    I got a new 2017 surface pro and pen in January of this year. The pen worked great until February, when the right click button and pen tip stopped working. It also doesn't register when hovering or pressing down. The top button/eraser works, it is connected to bluetooth, and I'm pretty sure the...
  6. K

    Issues with 'second screen only' setting.

    For the most part I am using my Surface Pro connected to a Surface Dock that is then connected to an external screen and keyboard. I prefer using the 'second screen only' setting in Windows and leave my Surface with the Type Cover closed. My Surface is usually in Sleep mode and I then press a...
  7. B

    Wake on Lan Surface Pro (2017)

    Hi there! Is there a way to make WOL working with the Surface Pro (2017) ? I have the Surface Dock and the USB3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter but am not able to get it working. I tried the steps MS suggests. (Installing the SurfaceWOL.msi from Surface Tools for IT) (Wake On LAN for Surface...