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Issues with 'second screen only' setting.


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For the most part I am using my Surface Pro connected to a Surface Dock that is then connected to an external screen and keyboard. I prefer using the 'second screen only' setting in Windows and leave my Surface with the Type Cover closed. My Surface is usually in Sleep mode and I then press a key on the external keyboard to wake it up in order to use it with the external keyboard and screen.

My problem is that I cannot consistently use the Surface as described above. When I choose 'second screen only' the Surface reverts back to 'PC screen only' after some second (less than a minute). If I then open the Type Cover and change the setting back to 'second screen only' and close the cover again, then it again reverts back after some seconds. The only thing that seems be a consistent viable workaround is leaving the Type Cover open as it somehow prevents the Surface from reverting back to 'PC screen only'.

The above-mentioned problem does not seem to be consistent - meaning that sometimes it's not a problem. Therefore, there might be other factors influencing it, but I haven't identified them (yet). Disconnecting and connecting to the dock might influence the stability, but it doesn't seem to be consistent.

It does not seem to be influenced by whether the external screen is connected to the dock or directly to the Surface.

List of hardware and relevant settings:
Any help to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated. Only being able to use the dock and external screen/keyboard setup with the Type Cover open is quite annoying.

I use the mini display port directly from the surface itself instead of the dock. That gives me zero problems with 2nd screen