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    Surfacebook Mount?

    Does anyone know of a good clamp mount or something similar that can hold the surfacebook when folded in half? I use my Surfacebook with two external monitors that are on arm mounts but I need something to hold my surface so I can save some desk space. Ideally something that could clamp onto...
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    Need Help Determining Best Solution for Dual Monitors

    Hi there, I wanted to see if anyone might have a suggestion as to the best way to get dual monitors setup for our office work stations. We just recently purchased SurfaceBooks and SurfaceDocks, and planned on getting two 4k monitors for each work station, specifically the Dell P2415Q. I was...
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    i7 Surface book Battery consumption

    Just bought the new i7 16gb 512 gb HD with performance base. With a full charge the tablet without dock gets less than an hour of battery life and this is on power saving mode while I am simply sketching. Not to mention it gets hot, like almost to hot to hold hot. Right now I am just surfing...
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    Hi, new member here, planning to jump on the surface book wagon soon

    Hi, everyone I'm planning to purchase a new Surface Book soon, I have a Late-2012 macbook pro and I've been waiting for the next-gen macbook pro eagerly but after watching the latest Apple keynote I wasn't impressed by the new macbook and decided to jump ship since the surface pro was launched...
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    Surface Book i7 - Edge - Facebook Crash

    Anyone else experiencing crashing on Facebook when scrolling past a video and a chat pop up window is open? I have to keep hitting the standby button to get out of the freeze. Annoying!
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    Plugged In, Keyboard Battery at 0%, and Not Charging

    After traveling this weekend with the new SB and running down the battery a bit on purpose, the keyboard battery will no longer charge. I tried the firmware update today as well and it didn't help. I've been through all of the possible "processes" that I've found online to resolve this issue...