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Surface Book i7 - Edge - Facebook Crash


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Anyone else experiencing crashing on Facebook when scrolling past a video and a chat pop up window is open?

I have to keep hitting the standby button to get out of the freeze. Annoying!


I am experiencing the exact same thing! It seems like the OS itself doesn't freeze because i cant navigate blindly, and when i unfreeze the screen, everything i did blindly is really done.

My method to unfreeze the screen is to press WIN+P 3 times, a couple of times. But i have yet to find a fix for it.

EDIT: I m experiencing this on my SP4
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Will try that, thanks! Hopefully Microsoft are monitoring these forums. Doesn't do it on my SP3! Chrome also crashes a bit, just installed the beta version that's 64 bit only to see if that is any better!

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