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  1. J

    Stuck at 'Surface' screen can not enter recovery

    Hi, After updating my surface pro 3 to windows 10 it is stuck on the ’Surface’ screen. I went to Microsoft.com/surface and download my Surface recovery image. I tried both of the images: Surface Pro 3 - Windows 8.1 and Surface Pro 3 - Windows 10 Version 1511. I formatted a usb drive as FAT32...
  2. Chico

    Surface Pro 3 i7 Core M Family?

    Hi guys, I am about to purchase a Surface Pro 3 i7 but I need some help. It's very confusing for me at this point after a few days of research. There is this offer online that says "Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet (12-Inch, 256 GB, Intel Core i7, Windows 10)" which is on sale from $1,549, now...