touch issue

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    Touch function not working / Intel Precise Touch Device driver (!) / Hardware Part

    What hardware component(s) should be replaced in the case where the screen works except the touch function. I have replaced the screen along with the small "digitizer" board and ribbon cable that sits behind it, but the problem persists. I did not replace the big middle cable since I believe it...
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    List of Windows Updates that causes touch problems

    Hello, I would like everyone to post here Windows Update version (KB.......) which made problems for touch screen. Since I read a lot that when touch screen doesn't work (fingers/pen), Windows Update might be the cause of it and as that I would like to make a tool that will remove those KB...
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    touch issue

    hi..! actually few months ago i purchased surface pro4 now i am facing problem with it touch, when i use to work by putting it on table or something else it touch doesn't responds good means i have to press little harder for touch and it works well if i put in my hand or use it with charger or...