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  1. deadcatwalking

    Solved Touch Screen Fix (Permanent)

    Hi all. I just wanted to post this for anyone who is having issues with a dead touch screen. I discovered a permanent fix when the infamous 'battery drain' fix only worked until I rebooted. I hope this helps you all. If it does please like or comment on the video I created and share with other...
  2. P

    Black screen after switching users, unresponsive

    I searched for "black screen" issues in the forum, but no one ever mentioned having the problem when switching user accounts on Surface. I have this problem a lot, my son frequently logs into his account on my Surface and just stays logged in after he puts the machine in sleep mode. When I try...
  3. H

    Surface Book - Black screen after sleep mode

    Hello! Hopefully I am not the only one experiencing this problem. I have a surface book with the i5 processor without the NVIDIA graphics card option. I've been having a problem with the SB where the screen freezes after going into sleep mode. The screen stays black and the only thing that I...
  4. S

    Solved SP4 touch screen isnt responsive

    I see that some of the SP4 users experience this issue with the touch screen. Except that mine is completely unresponsive, not just time to time. It doesn't even respond to the pen input except for its eraser button on top, so i know BT isn't a issue. Reboot / restore / update doesnt resolve...